The Top 5 Greatest Toys for the Older Dog

Not so unlike humans, dogs still have that puppy side of them, no matter how old they get. This is coming from the level of stamina that they have. When they are young, they have high energy levels, and even when older, they still have that degree of playfulness, as was stated at the beginning of this literature. When they get older they need more exercise too, because this helps keep them more alert. Older dogs can develop dementia too, this isn’t an illness that just affects human beings. Any mammal can become senile when they get older.

So, pets love to play with toys, especially dogs and cats. Dogs have their favorite types of toys that they enjoy have a high old time with, and one of these is the Frisbee. Of course, it isn’t any fun if there is no human to toss it to them, but it is still one of those old time traditional toys. While they enjoy human interaction, they also enjoy those toys where they can toss and chase the toy themselves. In Dubai, you’ll never fall short of finding a cool new dog toy for your furry friend, as most families in this city do have a dog as a pet. The following literature breaks down the top 5 dog toys for your older best friend.

Top 4 Dog Toys

The Wigzi Pocket Bone:
Now, what dog doesn’t like to play with a bone? It keeps their attention, and keeps them engaged with its bright red and blue coloring. These are made in the U.S.A., but they are exported all around the globe, and Dubai happens to be one of the more popular countries that carry these specific dog toys. The reason they are great for the older dog is because the older your dog gets the weaker the teeth, jaws, and gums. These toys are delicate, and actually work as a therapy against weakening jaw muscles. They can also be stuffed with peanut butter, or some other treat, so of course they are highly popular.

The Bird Ball
This is another that is really engaging for the older pet and they have hours of play fun with it. Some dogs play with the bird ball until they tire their own selves out. When they wake up they are right back at it again. It is great too because it comes in to play as a handy fetch too, and it actually makes a whistling sound like a bird which of course draws dogs attention. For older dogs whose vision is going bad, the sounds that the ball makes helps them to find it so they can keep playing right along. These whistles emit 2 different unique tones, allowing a dog to be able to follow that tone to the ball. It would be great if they could design something like this that would help them find their way home when they get lost.

Plush Doggy Toys:
Now, plush toys aren’t for every senior dog. In fact, they aren’t for every dog in particular. Some dogs simply can’t control their behavior around a super plush squeak toy and they will tear the toy apart every time. So, for this type of dog who does this, you’d simply be wasting money to invest in the furry types of toys, even though Fido might give you the sad face for not giving him the same toy that you got Oscar. Dogs love toys that squeak, there simply is something about them. The older dog can find these easier than any other toy, and these squeak toys (at least the majority) aren’t going to fall apart that easily

Dog Pyramid:
Now this one can be tough to find, but if you do then you should definitely get it for your furry friend. The pyramid can be batted around, tossed in the air, whatever. You can put little treats inside of it for your best friend and the more they play with it the more treats that come falling out. It actually has a weighted bottom so it is going to keep popping back up in to the right position no matter what the dog does to it. This is another toy that provides a little bit of exercise for your dog. There are older dogs that still have some of that pep left in them and this toy can tolerate just about anything that a dog can throw at it. Its versatility is what makes it so popular among dog owners. The dogs love it for the treats it spits out to them!
Of course, there are a ménage of other dog toys out there, but these are some of the most favored among dogs and their owners alike. For hours of safe, clean fun, you couldn’t ask for better dog toys than these for your senior citizen pet.

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