Boarding Your Pets during the Holidays

When the holidays are approaching you want to make sure that your pets have a warm, friendly place to stay. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration with regard to this too. For instance, some boarding kennels for dogs go up on their prices specifically at the holidays. So, if that is the case you either want to make sure that you’ve been saving some money throughout the year, or you want to try and find somewhere that isn’t focused so much on money. In Dubai, there are a lot of boarding facilities that care more the comfort and happiness of your pet than they do going up on their

Not only is price something that you really need to take into account, but you need to take your pets enjoyment into the boarding situation as well. For example, say that you had chosen a boarding facility that you’d thought was trustworthy and that would be good to your pet. However, when you went to pick up your friend, they were huddled in a corner, not wanting to come out of their cage. Hopefully you’d never use that same facility again, no matter how convenient it might have been for boarding your pet at the holidays. It should be looked at as what is comfortable for your pet is what is most comfortable for you, because, they are a dear part of your family, are they not?

Top Places to Board Your Pet in Dubai

1.The Pet Palace in Dubai gives your pet one on one individualized care, and they are provided dedicated attention from staff that truly cares about their well-being. They also take a lot into consideration at this facility. Every pet is different, and some might have special needs such as being crippled or sickly. They take the time to get to know your pet so that they can provide the proper care and attention here. This is in fact one of the most prestigious boarding facilities in the area. Their main goal is to prove a clean and safe environment for your pet. Their premier boarding facilities are well kept and all of the animals are well cared for. If you’re looking for a place that will make your pet feel like they are on vacation for the holiday too, this is the place to bring them too. Not only do they offer boarding, but they also offer daycare services for when you can’t be at home to watch and tend to your pet. Their boarding kennels are actually luxury boarding kennels. There really is no comparison to other facilities, and when you match this with how friendly and courteous the staff is, you have an absolutely wonderful establishment. Many consider the Pet Palace to be more like a pet hotel than a cattery or kennel. Just one more thing that sweetens this even more is the fact that the costs here are extremely reasonable and affordable, even for those on a shoe string budget. They will also take you on a tour of their facility so that you can see exactly where your pet will be staying.

2.The Pet Corner is another well maintained, extraordinary facility that actually pampers your pet and cares for them in the same way you would while you are away on holiday. While their facility might not be as big as The Pet Palace, the staff here is extremely professional and they take everything into consideration for you. They offer a play area for your pets, and they make certain that their sleeping quarters are well maintained and sanitary. The food that they are given (if you go with in house) is very good quality so their nutritional need is met. They are given a nice fenced in outside area to play in as well.

3.The Dubai Kennels and Cattery is the last one that this literature would like to introduce you too. They have excellent boarding areas for your dog or cat. For cats in particular, they have an area where they can climb and play, just feeling free and content. The kennel area for dogs is structured nicely, and the kennels are also very roomy. Of course they offer different sizes depending on what type of dog that you might have. This is a place that truly provides wholesome animal care, so there is no need to worry about how well your pet is taken care of.
These are the top three most well-known facilities in Dubai, and of course there are many others, but these are well favored by many pet owners within the country. Basically this is because of the extra incentives that they provide a pet owner, and of course the quality of care that they give the pet as well.



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