Bringing Your Pets to Dubai

There are many things that you need to consider before you attempt to bring your pets to Dubai. In fact there are many requirements that you must have ensured you followed before you can even leave the airport with your pets. The number one thing that you want to make sure of is that any and all of your pets have their vaccinations up to date. It is imperative that you meet this stipulation or you very well could run into some serious headaches upon arrival. Furthermore, there are certain ways that you must travel with your pets into the city. There are existing leash laws for dogs in Dubai, and they must be well trained if they are going to be allowed to walk around with you. The best way that you can find out the most important information before bringing your pets here is to read up about their laws on pets through the internet. There are many resources that you can find. Once you know all the requirements and feel confident that you can meet them all, then and only then should you consider boarding a plane with your pet. It would be a sad thing if Mr. Fluffy was detained in a quarantined environment simply because you forgot to double check that one of the vaccinations were met, or that he had no proper identification because of lack of tags on his collar. This literature will address the most important issues on bringing a pet to Dubai, and hopefully it will shed enough light so that you, the traveler will feel very well prepared in your vacationing or moving to Dubai.

What You Should Check on Before Going Abroad

One of the very first steps in taking a pet overseas should be to take him or her to your veterinarian to have a check-up. They aren’t any different from people so this shouldn’t be a shocker to a pet owner. Pets can hide illness very well, and you might think that they are okay when they really aren’t. At your Veterinarian’s office you can gain the peace of mind in knowing how well and fit your animal is for travel such as this. Another thing, which was mentioned slightly, is in regards to learning the animal regulations in the country you are planning on going too. Each country, and each city within the country have their own quarantine rules, and these can keep you from your pet for an extensive period of time if you aren’t careful. You also want to check with the travel provider about rules that they might have with regard to travelling with your best friends (your pet). There are many airlines and of course cruise liners that only allow pets in the cargo bays, not in the cabins. This could be very stressful on your pet in general. Some even have a complete ban on pets, so you need to check on issues like these before you leave as well.

Guaranteeing Your Pet a Comfortable Trip

You should take your pets needs into consideration just like you do your own. This ensures their safety and comfort too, and that is just as important as your own as well. You want to make certain that you have all necessary clearances. This will ultimately promise your pet is going to have an enjoyable trip, just as he or she would if you were travelling somewhere in the states with them.

You want to also make sure that all of your pet containers have been secure and aren’t falling around all over the place freely. You should pay particular attention to where your pet is being housed while you are travelling to your destination too. At all times your pet should have the ability of standing up and moving to a certain degree. They should be able to turn around and lie down comfortably too. You should also make sure that some of their favorite toys are there in their crate with them. This will keep them occupied until you can reach your destination. If you haven’t packed enough food for your pet, then you’re going to want to find a great second choice as soon as you get to where you’re going to be going. It has been mentioned that animals can become sick on any new food, so you want to try to feed them what they are wholly familiar with.

One last thing that you should consider is pet insurance. This is a good form of protection that can put your mind at ease if something were to happen to your pet while you were travelling. You can probably imagine the expense of what could happen in another country if your pet became sick and you didn’t have pet insurance. This could rack up a lot of money.
While we can’t list every single thing that you need to be aware of here, the tips that have been offered have surely opened a pet-owner’s eyes into what they need to be paying attention too. Again, you can visit many of the states pet websites about what you might need to have, or what their regulations are before you ever go there. Always take all of these things into consideration before you travel with your pet.

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