Choosing the Perfect Pet Sitter

There are many, many wonderful Pet Sitters in Dubai, but when you’re initially searching one out, you want to take a really, good, long look at their credentials, and of course their past client history record. If they have an extraordinary client base, which all raves about how good they are as a Pet Sitter, then you might want to consider them. However, don’t just jump the banana boat right away. You want to also take into consideration what their fees are, what days of the week they work, how often they walk your dog, (if your pet is a dog) how often do they feed them, and do they really pay that much attention to your pet, or do they just say they do? These are all things that you need to look into before you turn your pets leash over to a complete stranger. There are many families that perform interviews on pet sitters the way some would interview baby sitters; because, after all, they are your babies, aren’t they?

You’ll find numerous pet services in Dubai, and all of them charge different rates. It is much like a day care service for human tots, as the charges really aren’t that much of a difference in the cost. Of course, these pet sitters can either come to your home, or you can take your pet to theirs. If you would like to provide the food for the day you can do that, and many times you’ll get a discounted rate as well. Now, if food and water are provided by the sitter, in their own home, often you’ll see maybe a 10% increase in the daycare fee for your pet, but nothing too drastic at all. Cost should really be the last thing on your mind as you want to make sure you have a reliable pet sitter more than anything else. You might even be able to go online and find reviews about different ones in your area. This will also help you make a wiser, more capable decision when you’re trying to choose who to take fluffy too.

Utilizing a Pet Sitter While You Work

There are quite a number of establishments that offer pet daycare while you work. Some animals suffer with anxiety disorders, specifically separation anxiety. There are even people who suffer with this disorder. For these types of pets the only way to really guarantee that they are going to be happy and safe is in finding a pet sitter who will care for them while you work. It doesn’t necessarily matter that the care taker is not you, if they have a way with animals your pet will be willing to allow them to care for their needs. It might take a little while before they socialize with the pet sitter 100%, but they eventually do. Some pets immediately take to the pet sitter you choose. This is because animals can sense when a human being means them no harm and really cares about them. While they might not be able to speak the English language, they can let their owner know if something is just not right. If you notice that your pet cowers when you come home, or when you go to pick them up from the pet sitter’s home, or they just don’t seem to want to eat and drink like they had been, then the treatment that they are receiving is probably off. Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether a pet sitter is going to do well with your specific pet, but once you pick up on a problem you should immediately find a way of rectifying the situation.

Choosing the Best

If you have interviewed numerous pet sitters and they all appear extraordinarily good, then it comes down to the hard part of deciding who would be best suited to your pet. There are ways to figure this out pretty easily. You can set up a play session with three of your top picks. Watch and see which ones your pet seems to enjoy being around the most, it is that simple. Again, animals can relay a lot back to us through body language, so you’ll know right away which of them will be best suited to meeting your requirements. The majority of the time the best sitter is the one who has had vast experience with working with different kinds of animals, and comes highly recommended. Sometimes it is worth paying the extra money ensure good quality care for your pet.

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