Dog Obedience Classes in Dubai

There are various ways to train your dog in Dubai, and just as in any other part of the world, if you have an extremely stubborn dog, then sometimes you might find it necessary to take them to obedience classes. The prices for this type of training vary, but it will put your mind at ease if you are finding that you can’t even take your dog for a walk without it trying to break free from the leash, and sometimes even doing so. There are requirements that must be followed when you are out and about with your dog in public, and if you have one that is just really stubborn, obedience classes might be the one effective method that can correct the behavioral issues which you are having to deal with.

Dog trainers, working at the many centers in Dubai can help you to effectively work with your dog in a much better way. They can show you the proper ways of holding the leash, and exactly what kind of collar you should buy. They don’t recommend buying the collars that are made from links because these have been known to actually cut into the flesh of the dog, when you pull back on the restraint. In dog obedience classes, many of the dog trainers will use spray bottles that have harmless water inside of them. When the dog is told to sit, but won’t listen, they spray the water in their face. Dogs hate this, and it has been proven to be a very effective obedience training tool. For some, this has to be done over and over again, but what is well known is that after a period of time, the dog starts taking the command and doing what it is told. Now, there are those who would say this is mean to do, but it isn’t. You have to train any animal, and even people are trained on how to behave and socialize while out in public, so then why shouldn’t a dog be made to obey? By using spray water, you’re not hitting your dog, or yelling, you’re simply shocking them, and making them associate that shock with their behavior, which eventually makes them stop.

One of the best training techniques are the ones where you can learn to get your dog to sit and stay exactly when you tell him, and you can have him walk right beside of you, without him pulling at the leash, or dashing this way or that. The obedience classes are effective in getting a dog trained the right way. Some of the ones that have been found to be the most popular in Dubai in particular are:

Temperament Training: there are indeed stipulations that pet owners have to follow when they take their pets on walks out in public. You can’t have a dog nipping at peoples heels, or barking excessively either. Training for temperamental issues can help control issues like these.

Anxiety Disorders: there are specialized training facilities which help your pet deal with social issues which they seem to have a problem dealing with, much like people. A good therapist can work with your dog in particular to help get them past those things which might be causing them to have anxiety.

Behavior Issues: there are classes that will help you find ways to curb your dogs bad behavior tendencies. For instance, dogs who have separation anxiety have a tendency to destroy where they might be being kept. When you’re away from home, a dog trainer might recommend that you crate your cat or dog to keep them from being destructive, at least until you can get a condition like this under control.

Becoming a pet owner is a huge responsibility, especially if you’re considering getting a dog. Any dog trainer would tell you that it isn’t something you should jump right into. It costs money, and it takes a lot of time and patience to have your pet trained the exact way you would like them to be. However, no matter what, you never know if you might end up with a dog which has a tendency to snap, be aggressive to other people, bark excessively, or who has trouble being house broken. However, with dogs you can join many dog obedience classes, and therapeutic sessions for your dog can be set up to help them improve on these various areas. You want to have a happy pet, not an unhappy one, so considering classes such as these can make all the difference in how happy you both are.

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