How is Pet Socializing Carried out in the Arab Nations?

Let’s begin this article by coming to an understanding that no matter what part of the world a pet owner might be from, the socializing skills of your dog is based on personality, not necessarily training alone. It doesn’t matter where a dog originates from, they all have different personalities, just like people. An animal trainer can work with a dog all day long, everyday, but if you happen to own a breed of dog that is just out right stubborn, and hard-headed, your not going to get perfect socialization skills. One thing in particular that dog trainers in Dubai carry out is special testing on your dog to see how his temperament adjusts to changing environments. This might be something like tossing a ball his way, among some other dogs, which are held by another worker. If he snarls up, and jumps around growling, then it is determined that he has a short temper and gets agitated very easily, something that would definitely have to be worked with. If he remains more calm-like, and gently whines, maybe pawing the ground in front of him, then he has a gentle temperament, one that would be easily adjustable for socializing with other breeds like him. Many of the diagnosis’s for determining socialization skills are given through simple observation, while others require more intense testing.

Some dogs are naturally nervous, and in temperament testing, dog trainers can figure this one out rather quickly. There are three different types of anxiety disorders when it comes to dogs, and these are: social anxiety, noise anxiety, and separation anxiety. Dog trainers can detect if your dog suffers from noise anxiety by how he reacts if the voice is raised, or a loud noise occurs. Some dogs are scared of fire crackers on the fourth of July, which is a form of noise anxiety. Social anxiety, on the other hand, can be easily figured out by placing your dog around a couple of other dogs. Normally, a social dog will go right up and start smelling the other dogs, in a way saying: “hi” to them in greeting. A dog that suffers with social anxiety will cower in a corner, not seeming to want to interact with other animals. This can be corrected, but it takes a lot of work by a dog trainer. The final anxiety disorder found to be most common in dogs is separation anxiety. For some dog breeds, they bond with one person in the home, and when that person is not around, they suffer with massive depressive like symptoms. In acting out, they will shred up anything they can get a hold of. If they are left in a house, for just an hour by themselves, they will defecate and urinate on things. Dogs that have this problem just have a tendency to be destructive. They can be worked with, but once a pattern has been started, it is very hard to break.

Doggie Club in Dubai for Socialization

In Dubai, there are some clubs for dogs, and these are known as doggie clubs. They allow dogs to have play-dates with one another, so they can better develop their socialization skills. The doggie club in Dubai is set up to work within the community as well. They seek out pet owners who have nice backyards, or garden areas where there can be puppy play days set up. This is, of course, all in the benefit of our furry friends, so that they might get better exercise, and enjoy being around other animals that they can interact with.

One thing that is extremely interesting about this particular organization is in how they have descriptive articles on how to get out and interact with your dog, but learning how to do so in the proper and respectable manner. For instance, if your dog has a bowel movement in someones yard, you should have a baggy with you so that you can scoop it up. It wouldn’t be polite to leave feces on someones property. It also mentions the “Dubai Great Public Life”, and taking your dog there. Before you should, however, the article instructs that you need to guarantee your pup knows the basic commands of sitting, staying, and being quiet. These are all great points, and it is an interesting read for dog owners who want to get their dogs socializing better.

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