Feline Pet Nutrition

Feline pet nutrition is an important issue in maintaining a good, and decent life for your cat. Within Dubai, and all around the Arab Emirates, pet nutrition is emphasized, whether it have its focus on dogs, birds, small mammals, or cats in general, all animals need a necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to have excellent overall health. The main difference between cats and dogs, however, is the fact of how often they eat. Dogs need to be keep on a schedule, but cats, on the other hand, they can have their food put out one time a day and that is enough to take care of their bodily needs. They always need to have a bowl of freshwater, which should be regularly checked to make sure it is full. While a cat can go for quite some time without food, they can’t go without water for more than a few days, because it is the main nutritional requirement of every living thing. Just as 60% of the human body is made up of water, over half of the cats molecular or metabolic structure is made up essentially of water. Because Dubai is very hot in the summer, cat owners who allow their cats to be outside should guarantee that there will be a bowl of water always available for them. Also, on days when it is extremely hot, they should put chunks of ice in the water to keep it from getting to hot. Human nor animal want to drink hot water.

One of the best ways that a feline pet owner can keep up with all of the necessary nutritional requirements of their cat is by taking them for their regular routine veterinarian visits. Now, if your cat is showing signs of distress during the year, such as not wanting to eat, nor drinking adequate amounts of water, then you should schedule a veterinarian appointment way before any such annual check up. This is just a common sense notion that an animal lover is familiar with. Upon taking your cat for his or her visit, you want to crate them properly, and make sure that there is a way to keep water in the carrier for them, again, this is imperative to carry out if it is in the summer time. While air conditioning in a car can cool down a human pretty quick, given the high heat index temperatures in Dubai, an animal can die of heatstroke in a matter of a few minutes, sometimes mere seconds. So, ensure that water is provided on your vet visit. Once at the vet, he or she will go over all of the feeding activity that has been going on throughout the year. They will weigh your cat in and determine if he or she is on the average, or perhaps a little over, pushing them into mild obesity. There are various ways that the veterinarian can determine if your cat has been receiving the necessary nutritional requirements to sustain decent health or not. Fecal testing should show a normal bowel pattern. Many times they might carry out routine blood testing, some of this testing can pick up on a lack of certain vitamins, minerals, or other metabolic needs of your cat. If it does, your veterinarian will go over options with you, and of course necessary feeding requirements.

When we are speaking of feline nutrition, we want to take into account all functioning of the cats body, the hair, claws, teeth, ear health, bodily movements, etc. As was said, a veterinarian can diagnose malnutrition, or over feeding issues pretty quickly, especially when it comes to something like the teeth. A cats teeth should be even, and their chewing teeth should be free from discoloration. Furthermore, they should have good pink, healthy gums. The gums of a cat tell a lot. If there is not a very noticeable pink color, then this leads to the diagnosis of dehydration, or some kidney problem perhaps. If their teeth are stained, or having cavities, then this will let the vet know that you haven’t been providing your cat with a food that is high in calcium and protein, or just maybe you have been giving too many tables craps or dairy products, because these can damage a cats teeth if given in abundance.

Your cats health should be a priority for you, and you should want to prevent any maladies befalling your furry friend, after all, didn’t you get your cat to keep you company? Nutritional needs aren’t hard to maintain once you’ve been adequately instructed on doing so. Just make sure that you provide a good supply of clean water, a clean kitty box, and good nutritional food, and food supplements to keep your cat’s health in tip top shape!

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