How to Properly Care for Your Bird

Birds are very popular pets in Dubai, and one of the most popular breeds you’ll find here are the African Greys. Now, these birds are in the parrot family, and they are also very bonded with their owners, having the ability to be able to learn certain words. They are highly communicative, and with people that they do not like, they’ve even been known to growl at them. The care that goes into the African Grey is not so much different as how an individual would provide care, maintenance, and companionship to these birds elsewhere in the world. Their diets are of extreme importance, because if you do not make sure that they are getting the proper nutritional requirements they can begin losing their feathers which will give them a very flawed appearance. Proper care is crucial in maintaining the beauty of this creature, not to mention to guarantee their health will stay at an optimal level.

The African Grey truly is an extraordinary bird, and as this literature started off pointing out, this bird is one of the most communicative in the parrot family. One of the things that many families have to learn about, not just this bird, but any bird this size really, is that there are behavior patterns about them that sometimes have to be nipped in the bud early before they become a serious issue later on down the road. One of these problems is with chewing and biting. At a very early age the African Gray learns about it’s beak, and the many functions it can perform with it. It likes to chew on just about everything, from it’s own toes, to the bars that it sits on, to the sides of its cage, to yes, in fact your fingers. Sometimes they like to try and take a nibble of you, just playing, but what these birds need to be taught is that their beaks can do some serious damage if you don’t train them properly, especially with this specific issue in particular. Of course, there are many other ways that go into properly caring for your bird, and this literature will attempt to cover as many of these as possible for you, the reader.

Proper Nutrition for Your Bird in Dubai

The British Veterinarian Center in Dubai is very clear in pointing out that your birds nutrition is extremely crucial to overall good health. Birds can suffer terribly if their nutritional requirements aren’t met, so this is something that the bird owner has to stay on top off. There is nothing more disappointing or saddening other than to see one of the African Greys brought in losing feathers and toes because it is not being fed the proper vitamins and minerals. You can never substitute the required food for your bird because those necessary vitamins and minerals might only be in that one specific type, for that one specific breed of bird. This is something to definitely ask your veterinarian about. Raw, freshly clean, and possibly organic vegetables are highly recommended by the British Center in Dubai. African Grey’s love fresh vegetables and these provide them with essential antioxidants that are very powerful, much more rich than their own bird seed. However, you don’t want to feed them too much or they can suffer with cases of loose stool, which can be a mess to clean up. Also make sure that your bird always has fresh water readily available. Some people put a bathing bowl in their birds cage once a day or every other day. Birds love to bath, and they do make a mess, but this is part of taking care of them too. So, not only do they require excellent food sources for goof physical and mental health, but they need water to stay alive. A bird can go longer without food than they can without water, so always provide the clean water on a daily basis.

Veterinarian Visits

Your bird should be looked at as a part of your family, therefore you should go for 2 visits twice a year to get your bird looked at and making sure that they are not suffering any health ailment at all. Birds are good at disguising illness, and the sooner you can get a problem pinpointed, the better. It is also important to take them in for beak trimming, and claw trimming. These two areas are dangerous, and they could cause serious harm with them if not well managed and taken care of.

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