Pet Breeds: Knowing Which Dog Breed is Best for You and Your Family

Within the domesticated animal kingdom, there is a myriad of breeds of cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, practically every animal species has a sub-species within its original lineage. For instance, you take the breeds of Pit Bull, and Rottweiler. The Pit Bull originated from a terrier and a bull dog mix, but the Pit’s history goes well beyond what breed that they developed from. The same holds true for the Rottweiler. What is truly despairing about these two specific dog breeds is the fact that people have the opposite idea about them and their temperament. It is true that they both can be jumpy, and nervous, but given the right kind of environment, and unconditional love, and devotion from their human owner, they are some of the best dog breeds there are. Both of these breeds are considered to be in the “guard dog” category, and police have actually used them for police dogs in drug busts, raids, etc. They are highly intelligent, and despite what they rumors say about them they are really as gentle as babies.

The breed of the Pitt bull in particular has been ridiculed and put down because of the way that it behaves in some given situations. It can be agitated easily, but then why would anyone want to do that? What people need to realize about the Pitt is that it has been mishandled by humans on more than one occasion. This doesn’t mean that the whole breed of Pit bulls are mean, or violent. They are rather more like big running bears! It has only been since people decided to promote them in dog fighting, and other cruel types of activities that the controversy with the breed started. When these dogs are backed into a corner, yes they can be rather vicious, but so can any animal within the animal kingdom. Animal trainers will tell people that are looking for a specific breed, the Pitt bull is one of the most easily trained of all the dog breeds. It is obedient, docile in the right environment, and it is a good and wholesome family pet. Again though, for very young children you might want to second guess getting a Pitt, but for a family that has older children in their teen’s, the Pitt could make a wonderful addition to the family.

The Rottweiler is a medium sized dog, with an oversized head, much like the Pitt bull. The body stature and strength are very similar to the Pitt bull as well. The Rottweiler originated in Germany, when it was first bred, and was commonly known as the “Rottweil Butcher” dogs. This is because owners of this breed of dog used them for hauling meat, and also herding cattle. They were meant to be allowed to run on the open range, not chained to a pole, in a backyard, like some people do in the United States. These dogs have such a good temperament, despite the ridicule that they have been under, that they are now being used as seeing eye dogs, search and rescue missions, and as police dogs in many cases. This proves that if these dogs are trained properly, and given the right amount of attention, they are very well mannered, and attentive animals.

When comparing these two breeds together more closely, both of these dogs have big heads, and very vice like jaws. This is why you don’t want to make threatening movements around a Rottweiler, nor a Pitt because they can be unpredictable if they don’t know what your intentions are. Their mouths are like vices, once they get a hold of you, it is very hard to get them to release. This is why they can be considered dangerous. Because of the Rottweiler’s sometimes unpredictable nature, as well as the Pitt, it is sometimes best to keep them in an area that is closed off, and that small children do not have access too. While these breeds are excellent guard dogs, and while they also can be excellent family friends, they need to be treated with respect, and they do need to be watched around people that they do not know. Rottweilers are quicker to bite than the Pitt is, but their temperament seems to be a little more restrained. However, if you’re an owner of one of these breeds, and you live within a city, you should ensure that they are in an area where they have plenty of room to run, but where they can not just run loose through the neighborhood, or you could have a problem. It has only been with the mishandling of these animals which has created all the unnecessary drama about their breeds.

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