Pet Hygiene for Felines

The hygiene issues of felines is many, basically because there is a little more responsibility to their cleanliness than with dogs. One of the most important issues with Feline hygiene is ensuring that the cat litter boxes remain clean at all times. This is really crucial to your cats over all health and generalized well being. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t want to use the bathroom in an unsanitary place, due to heavy germs and such, well, neither do cats. They are very picky creatures and they’ve been known to go to the bathroom in the floor, simply because of an unsanitary litter box. It isn’t just about how nasty it is either, it is about health repercussions that come from not properly maintaining the cleanliness of the litter boxes.

Feline Worms Relative to Hygiene

Any animal can get worms, but they don’t have too, it all comes down to proper maintenance of their health through human beings. If you are not properly caring for your cat, then you will be the cause of it developing poor hygiene and getting sick. If a litter box is not being cleaned out properly and a cat is stepping in feces of other cats, then getting out and licking his feet, then this is setting up a disastrous situation. There are all kinds of germs in a cat litter pan, and when you have cats stepping in feces, and living around other coats, licking their feet, and then licking the other cats, then you are the cause of spreading bacteria. An unclean litter pan can lead to cats getting very ill, or an infestation of worms. The first sign of worms are normally loose stools. Often times they are associated with abnormal smell too. For health and hygiene issues (because worms are contagious) you should immediately take your cat in to your local veterinarians office and have a stool sample carried out. If your cat is found to have worms then the veterinarian will determine what kind they are, and will then prescribe the right kind of treatment plan to alleviate and cure the issue. It is important to get something like this taken care of right away, because if you have more than one cat in your home, worms can spread from one to the other very easily, just like with flea infestations.

Because of the various issues associated with hygiene and feline health directly associative with litter box cleanliness, there are numerous products that you can use to combat this problem. For one, you can get bags that you slide onto the litter box before putting the litter. Every couple of days you could change these out by just pulling them up and out of the litter pan, no cleaning involved. You replace it with a new one, new litter and then voila, you’re finished, not more nasty germs! Another way of trying to fix a problem such as this is to invest in one of the automated litter boxes that clean themselves. While these can be pretty costly, you’ll not have to go in-behind your cats anymore, cleaning out feces and urine. These automated litter boxes do it for you, much like flushing a toilet after a human uses the bathroom.

Hygiene and Dental Care for Felines

Another issue in direct relation with feline hygiene and health is in teeth care. Cats need regular tooth cleanings just like people do. If you don’t ensure a cat’s teeth stay cleaned and free of plaque, they can develop gum disease, and they can actually lose many of their teeth. This is not a pleasant experience for them, and it is much like us when we get a toothache and it hurts really bad. One very good product to promote good tooth hygiene for cats are the “greenies”, which are also available for dogs. Greenies decrease the build up of tartar and plaque on your cats teeth and promote healthier gums, and promote improved jaw functioning as well. For cats who have never had their teeth examined, and who have never had a cleaning, they can have terribly bad breath. Just as humans get Gingivitis, cats get a form of this too. The point of the matter is to try and provide the best clean, sanitary, loving environment for your cat that you can. Make it a point that you provide them with good living conditions to promote good hygiene.

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