Pet Hygiene for Your Dog

Pet hygiene for your dog is just about as important as the nutritional requirements that they must have. Pet hygiene isn’t just about bathing your dog, going to the groomers for a cut and toenail clip, and then having a hanky tied around their neck to look cute. Pet hygiene is crucial to safeguard your pets health, because when we think of hygiene we think of our teeth, our skin, and then of course our hair. Depending upon what breed of dog you might have, hygiene needs might be different. For instance if you have a hunting dog mix, you’re not going to have to take it to get groomed and cut, you can do that right in you’re very own home. Of course this breed doesn’t need hair trimmed, because they have a short coat to begin with, but they do require dental care, just as any human does. If you’re a dog owner in the United Arab Emirates, the dental care given for your pooch might be a little different than in the United States, and there is going to be a difference in cost as well.

Dental Health for Dogs

The older your dog becomes, the more plaque and tarter that build up on his teeth. This is no different than a human being having to go to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned. Just as human disease can result from poor dental care, so can domesticated animals declining health. Dental hygiene is one of the most important things to take into consideration with regard to your dog’s quality of life. They can get toothaches, infections, cavities, gum disease, etc; they can get every single dental problem that a human can, there is no difference.

Veterinarians in the United Arab Emirates have the most up to date technology, and are very considerate of your dog’s care. At the Arabian Saluki Centre, in Abu Dhabi, the Veterinarian will examine your dogs teeth for build up of tartar around the gum line. If there is found to be an extensive amount, and if they can see that the gum appears to be red and irritated then they will recommend having a dental cleaning performed on your dog’s teeth. At that time, they will also let you know if they have to pull any teeth that appear infected, or have cavities. This procedure is carried out by putting your dog into a sleep state. They give your dog a sedative first, to help them relax, before the mask is put on their face. While your dog is under anesthesia, the Vet will thoroughly remove all of the plaque from the gum area, and rub an antiseptic ointment onto the gums as well. This soothes the gums and helps with the inflammation. Again, if there is a need for any teeth to be extracted, he will do so during this time. Following the procedure your dog can normally return home with you the following day, barring that there are no complications and he is doing well eating and drinking. Many veterinarians in the United States carry out this dental procedure in the same way, with a standard quality of care offered, and given towards the family’s pet.

Another issue with quality hygiene with your dog is proper ear cleansing. For dogs who have ears that hang, and which can trap air, or very little air can get into them, their ears should be cleaned properly, at least twice a week, at the bare minimum. Your veterinarian will examine your dogs ears at routine annual visits to check that there is not an excessive wax build up. They will take a swab, and gently wipe the inside of your dogs ears. If they find that there is any redness, or that your dog seems to whine and paw at one or both of his ears, then they will prescribe a topical ointment to rub onto the inside of the ear, and often times they also prescribe ear drops that will clear up any infection, or infestation of ear mites that might be present. Dog’s can get earaches and itchy ears and they need to be treated and cared for just as a humans, only with different remedies.

Your dog also needs to go twice a year to be checked for possible worms. Heart worms, as well as hook worms are the number one killers of dogs, and having a stool sample carried out, along with any necessary blood work will ensure your dog’s hygiene is in tip-top shape throughout his life! There is a lot to keep up with when it comes to your pets hygiene, but your veterinarian can help you with all the necessary information, every step of the way!

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