Pet Loss and How to Cope

No matter what region of the globe a person might be from, we have all experienced loss in our lives, and it is a traumatic, painful experience. We never understand why the animals and people in our lives have to sometimes suffer, and die. The sad part of life is that there is death, and it comes to every living thing. With our pets, it is extremely sad, because they do become huge parts of our families, and if anything out of the ordinary happens that takes a pets life, it is something that is very difficult to live with. For animal lovers, their pets are their best friends, their closest companions, the ear when no one else will listen, the love when others give it conditionally. Animals only ask for one thing, and one thing only, and that is for their owners to love them, and they give that back 200%. Perhaps this is why it is so very painful when you do lose them, or they are suffering terribly and you have to say goodbye. Sometimes it is easier said than done for many people. When you lose a life like that, it is beyond painful. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things that you will ever do, and sometimes you never see it coming.

Managing and Coping

No matter how your pet might have passed away, the loss is just as great. People come and go, telling you it will be okay, but you really don’t feel it will. It is as if your own child has died, which in many ways it has. Coping following the loss of a pet can be especially trying for children, especially if that pet grew up with them. The only thing that you can really do for your child is explain to them that their furry friend isn’t sick anymore, that he had a good and wonderful life, and that he knew they loved him. You can reminisce about the good times, and talk about how much fun there had been with him being such a huge part of the family. You can share pictures together, and laugh and cry together, sharing in those memories. As long as you have those thoughts, and those images, your pet is always with you, they never leave your heart. It doesn’t matter how many years might go by following the death of a pet, you always look back and wonder about them, and hope that they are in a far better place, and maybe you’ll see them again. Everyone has their own beliefs, their own ways of coping with the loss of their pets, but again, no matter how you believe, it isn’t easy.

Grief Counseling

Just as there is grief counseling for people when another fellow human being dies, there is grief counseling available for those who have lost a pet. Often times children need this type of counseling to help them get through their loss, and to be able to move in, more understanding of what death means, and what happens following it. Sometimes, the loss of a pet is the first time a child experiences death, it is a huge learning lesson for them. As has been stated in every part of the world, there is loss such as pet loss, loved one, whatever it may be death is there. However, every culture has their own way of interpreting and understanding death, and this isn’t different in Dubai, or the Arab Emirates, or anywhere for that matter. In Dubai, many families teach their children about what they call “The Rainbow Bridge.” The rainbow bridge is the same thing as heaven, or a better peaceful place, far from the pain and suffering of earth. In rainbow bridge you’ll see your pets again, and parents tell and retell this story to their children all over the Arab nations. It is a beautiful type of way at looking at the loss of a pet, to think that one day you might go to this place known as “Rainbow Bridge,” and love and hug your pet again, knowing that they are happy there. This helps many children move forward from the pain, but they never forget their furry best friends. As has been stated, if the loss of a pet does anything for a child, it teaches them to accept that death is a natural part of life and all of us have to go through it, but at the end, there is such a place as “Rainbow Bridge.”

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