Pets for Companionship

Domesticated pets serve a unique purpose among human beings. For many people, research has found they often adopt, purchase, or rescue an animal simply because it provides companionship. This is especially true when we are talking about the bonds between dogs and mankind. Dogs themselves are known to be dedicated to their families and there have been numerous cases of where they have actually given their own lives to save the lives of their human family. There have been many stories throughout history of dogs that have put their immediate lives in danger in order to get their human host family to safety. A good example of this is on the accounts that might have been read about, or seen on the news–a dog attacks a bear, or a mountain lion, just so the human family can escape. This shows true loyalty by the pet. Pets can bring us a feeling of complete and utter happiness, which is why they have become a central part of so many families’ lives, all around the globe. The comfort and happiness that an animal can bring to a human host family is undeniably some of the best therapy anyone could ever hope to receive. What makes them so unique is that they are wholly devoted, whereas you can take another human being and find that they might love and care for another person, but they aren’t going to devote their whole life to another, not like a dog will.

Times of Sickness

Many research studies have been carried out concerning animals’ interactions with people when someone close to them might be ill. If you pay attention to an animal’s behavior during these times, it is quite evident that their entire temperament changes. Animals can sense when someone is not well, and when they know this they try their best to make that individual feel better. Many times, again, when it comes to dogs, they will lay with their owner, possibly lick at his or her hand, or maybe even whine when they are sick. This is because our pets really do care about us and how we are feeling. They don’t ask much from humans. Basically, all they want from their human families is loving care, and companionship, just as the human family seeks out that same kind of comfort. Naturally, because of these very unique bonds between animals and humans, many therapists now utilize them in elderly care, and for those who are very sick and possibly dying. The main reason this is done is for the emotional response that an animal can provoke from a sick and ailing person. With every study that has been done, the same data has been returned. It doesn’t matter how sick a person might be, when a dog is brought into that environment and interacts with that person, it brings about feelings of comfort and happiness. There is simply something there that words can’t describe.

Animal Therapy in Dubai

There are many places in Dubai that work with animals toward preparing them to be companion dogs to possibly sick people or elderly people. They have worked with them extensively to lead the blind, or to assist those people who are wheel chair bound. Often times these animals are trained to assist therapists in improving the quality of life for these groups of people. Animals, specifically dogs have a way of bringing relief from pain (as was mentioned), even if it is just for a little while. This brings some light back into many lives, where before they might have been in situations to where they were refusing to eat, or they have become socially isolated. There are so many cases where this is found to be extremely beneficial to not only people, but the animals as well. Some of these animals that are trained are found to be rescue animals. Some of them might have been rescued from environments where they were being sorely mistreated, and given a second chance to have good quality lives through providing live and companionship to other human beings.

Some might question the need for a program like this, possibly not believing that it is possible for a simple minded animal to provide so much support to a human being. The research which has been carried out is irrefutable. There is no denying how important animal contact to an ailing person can actually be. Some cases have shown that people who were thought to be near death have made full recoveries, simply through the utilization of animal therapy services. This is a remarkable service, and one which is growing, spreading out all across the globe.

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