Pet Training and Your Feline Friend

Dog training and feline training are two very different things. While you have to train a dog to behave, take them out to the bathroom, and socialize, cats are no where as social as dogs, and they really don’t require that much training. One of the main things that you will work with your cat on is how to use the litter pan. If you have gotten a very young kitten, then it might be a case where the mother cat never taught them the proper etiquette on going to the potty. With cats this can be rather tiresome, because until they learn that litter pan, they might go to the bathroom just about anywhere. Not only do they have to be litter box trained, by they need to be taught how to cover up their feces and urine in the litter box, or you’re going to have one might stinky household to deal with. Now, one of the most favorable services that are well known in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi are in regard to the pet sitting and training services that are offered, and they are many. One very good website that you can go to for information on this is: where you will find live chat available to answer any questions you might have as well. This service is outstanding, for if you have a behavioral feline problem, there are professionals here that will come out and sit with your cat, offering to train it in whatever it is you’re needing. Of course, they are offer care for all variety of pets, but we are pin-pointing you’re feline friend here. Now, if you have a cat that has behavior that is so out of the ordinary that you just cannot leave the home without it being totally destructive, then in Dubai there are what is known as a “cat cattery” where you can take your cat to be taken care of during the day, just as you would take your dog to the kennel.

With regard to training and socializing for your feline friend, again, cats are nowhere as sociable beings as dogs are. In fact, while some cats that might have grown up together will socialize, the majority of cats balk at any new animal being brought into the home. Some cats are different, and have unique personalities, and thus get alone with any animal that you might plop down right in front of them, while other cats will be ready to fight up a storm for a strange animal being around them. Cats require one on one attention, that is when they do want it, so, when they are made to feel there is competition at large for their affections, then they can sometimes get really angry about it. Some full grown cats will actually hurt a kitten that you might be trying to introduce into the home, so they have to be trained to accept a new arrival. What some pet owners do is show the kitten to their older cat, and if he or she hisses or snarls up at the baby cat, then they get a quick shot of water in the face. Cats hate water, at least normal cats do. So, instead of yelling, or smacking the backside, just give a quick shot of water, and after a number of times they will soon learn that their behavior is the cause of this action and eventually they learn that. In finality, a cat will normally come to accept another cat into their domain, but there is this idea of a dominant male or female in the bunch.

Cats are very much independent creatures, and while they might need to be trained on using a litter pan, or not getting on the table where you eat, or even learning to socialize with other cats, they truly are loners the majority of the time, specifically in a domesticated type of situation. Another service that is pretty neat there in Dubai is also online at:, and this particular service will come out to your residence and actually build you living quarters for you various pets. For cats in particular, they build an amazing living space for them, and they set it up in a way that multiple cats living together will get along in it, because it is comfortable and has separate sleeping areas built into it. Also, at the Dubai kennels and cattery, they offer boarding services as well, and also some training courses are available for people with cats.

There are times where a cats temperament has to be tested, because it might be an extremely aggressive cat, and through temperament testing a professional can often determine what the problem might be causing the bad behavior. If it can be determined what is causing the discomfort and anxiety for your cat, then just as dogs, once again, there are medications your vet can prescribe to help them behave better and live more comfortably with other cats (if you have others).

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