Proper Training of Your Feline Living in Dubai

Cats are far different from dogs, and the training of a feline is considerably more time consuming, with some behavioral issues being far worse than any dog could ever have. One of the most trying things you’ll encounter with cats, is in training them to not scratch on everything they come into contact with. Now some professionals in Dubai would advise cat owners to at least have a cats front claws removed so something like clawing furniture and such wouldn’t be an issue any longer. Other professionals, on the other hand, advise that it isn’t a good idea to declaw a cat, because if they get out and get lost, they have no means to protect themselves at all. The latter of the professionals advice a training method that really works, and it is the same method that you use with dogs when they don’t obey commands.

Cat’s hate water, well the majority of cats do anyway. One of the quickest way that you can train a cat to not do something that is in bad behavior is to mist them in the face with water. After just a few instances of doing something like this to them, they normally learn that their behavior is the reason it is happening. You can’t tolerate a cat tearing up your living space, and shooting a stream of water at them is far better than yelling, or jumping up to chase them away. It is all about obedience, and with cats, you have to teach them how they should act. Clawing your furniture isn’t the only training issue you have with felines though, litter box training is another.

Litter Box Training Your Feline

If you have gotten your feline very young, there is the possibility that it has yet to learn about the litter box, which can be hard to teach. One of the best ways to start getting the kitten to recognize a litter box is to begin with shredded paper. Never use shredded newsprint, even though this use to be done, it has been found now that the ink on the news print is toxic to cats, and if they lick it, it can make them sick. They also can try to eat it out of curiosity, so don’t use it! There is shredded paper material at any veterinarian office, or pet supply store, so just ask a professional on what is the best to use when trying to litter train a young cat. Now, there are some newer litters that are out now that are safe for kittens. These will actually say ‘kitten litter’, and they aren’t like the same litters that are used for grown cats.

It will take some work to get the kitten to start understanding the litter-box, so you’re going to want to encourage them to go into it about every couple of hours. If they try and play in it, you need to let them know it isn’t a toy, by pointing at what they are doing and saying “no!” Cat’s learn quickly, so when they get in the litter-box and actually use the potty, praise them well. However, when they get in it and begin to play around and just make a mess, state “no” firmly to them, every single time they do it. Again, they eventually catch on that it is a potty area, not somewhere where they are suppose to go and play.

Repelling Cats from Furniture

Now, this is probably going to be one of the next to hardest things you have to deal with when training your cat. Some cats have a tendency to want to climb up on everything, knocking things down, and maybe even breaking stuff. They also like to get on a kitchen table, and many people don’t like this, because of the shedding hair that cats have, especially in the summer. So, you need to establish some good training tactics and try and catch them every time they are on something they aren’t suppose to be. If you can spray the water in their face, then that is the best way to teach them, just like with how you deter them from clawing the furniture. The same holds true for cats who try and spray. Even when you have them neutered, they might still have the tendency to spray, because of the bad habit they’ve developed, not so different from a person. A quick squirt of water in their face ends this pretty quickly.

Cat’s make wonderful pets, but you have to make sure that they are going to behave. It isn’t any different from training any other animal you might have. There are many remedies that you can try, until you actually find something that works well for you. The point is, no one wants a temperamental cat running around in their house, so you want to get any problems under control early on.

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