Puppy Nutritional Requirements

When it comes to having a puppy, and no matter what breed the puppy may be, there are many nutritional requirements that must be made to safeguard their health. Puppies like to get into everything, and they will eat just about everything as well. However, pantyhose don’t appear like the normal staple in a puppy’s diet, but you’ll find that they don’t seem to understand some things just aren’t meant to eat. Puppies are naturally curious, so they need good supervision. There have been times were puppies have actually died from getting into things they thought were food and it was poison. So, if you have puppies, keep them in an area where they can be supervised, and always provide them with fresh water all day. With regard to food, you have to get them on a set schedule so that they will get accustomed to when they are going to be fed. For most facilities in Dubai that work with puppies, there first feeding time is normally in the early morning. They are always given food that is high in protein, because as a puppy is growing it needs that protein to develop properly. Of course they also need many other vitamins and minerals, but protein is one of the most essential substances for proper growth and development.

As was mentioned, because puppies are ready to get into anything and everything, and because they can eat things they aren’t supposed to, you want to try and establish an environment pretty quickly that is going to be comfortable yet safe for them. When you corral them like this, it keeps them out of trouble, and it keeps them from eating things that won’t cause them any harm. The next thing that this literature really needs to take a focus on is in how much you should feed your puppies and what you should look for within the ingredients. While some don’t think brand makes a difference, it does if other brands are meeting the nutritional requirements.

How Much Is Enough to Feed a Puppy?

Puppies require far more food than an adult dog does. As mentioned, this is because they are growing. This isn’t only about body growth, but they are having muscle growth, eye and brain growth, and other crucial bodily growth patterns. Without gaining the essential vitamins and minerals they need, they could suffer with stunted growth, or they could also develop an illness that could be difficult to treat. With regard to new food being introduced, this is all dependent upon the stage of life that the puppy is in. You can also gage this on the breed of dog and what the considered body size is supposed to be. There are some veterinarians in Dubai that recommend feeding larger breed puppies an adult based formula, rather than having to move from a growth diet base. Still, there have been numerous research studies carried out about this and it has been found that giving even larger breed puppies an adult formula can actually result in a form of malnutrition. Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not the food of choice has actually passed AAFCO trials. If it has then that means it meets the nutritional needs, if it hasn’t then enough research hasn’t been carried out on it, and it also might not be totally sufficient to meet the needs of the growing pup.

The Main Vitamins and Minerals Necessary

We have been expressing how crucial it is to ensure that your puppy is getting all of the vitamins and minerals he needs. One of the main reasons this is so important is so that the various chemical reactions that occur within his body can take place naturally and without any problem. Therefore, vitamins A, D, E, and K are some of the most critical. There also needs to be a sufficient amount of fat in the diet, as cells themselves have fatty outside materials that protect them. The minerals that are necessary are found to be so because they are what support the structural components of the puppy’s body. They have to be in the correct proportions to benefit the pup.

Water Requirements

We have mentioned this repeatedly. Water is extremely essential to a puppy’s health. While a pup might be able to go a week or longer without food they can’t even go two days without a source of water. This is because the body is made up of approximately 80% water already. Every living thing requires water to live, so when it goes without the whole body suffers. Water also helps keep the joints lubricated, the skin in a smooth elasticity, and the digestive system operating optimally. Without water, there aren’t very many living organisms that could survive for very long. The best thing that you can do is just read up on what your pup or puppies need to have all of the needs taken care of.




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