The Body Language of Dogs and What it means

For many dog owners they simply view some dog activity as totally cute or funny, when the reality of the situation is that the dog is trying wholeheartedly to communicate with their human owner. Understanding some of the basic body language about a dog can go a long way towards helping the human owner gain some understanding of when their four legged friend is happy, sad, lonely, excited, etc. As has been stated before, dogs aren’t so different from people. They have feelings and personalities the same as we do, so paying closer attention and giving more of your time can clue you in to any number of things going on. This is also important when you might be out and about and run into a strange dog in your neighborhood that you’ve never encountered before. These things do happen as there is such a thing as strays in Dubai, just like there is anywhere else. So, gaining even the slightest understanding can help you to determine if a dog is menacing, or means to cause some disturbance.

The Confident Dog

You’ll easily be able to determine a confident dog from one that has been beaten and has had its spirit broken quite easily. If your dog in particular is in a relaxed state, then you’ll notice that its ears will still remain slightly perked up, because for some reason they are always intent on listening. The eyes are bright and seem interested in what you’re doing or saying. If your dog’s mouth is partially opened, and even if the tongue is sticking out then this is a sign of relaxation as well. Furthermore, the tail is another area to watch. If the tail is wagging in a lazy pattern, they are totally submissive and relaxed; feeling quite happy really.

Observing the Happy Dog

You don’t want your dog to be discontented, but at some point in time it is bound to happen, especially when they are being trained. However here, we are going to emphasize the signs of a very happy dog, something that is positive and makes anyone feel lighthearted! The happy dog will have a tail that is wagging all over the place. The ears will be fully erect and perking up and the eyes are extremely bright, almost smiling at you playfully. Also, when they jump around after you’ve been gone, they are so happy to have you back home, it is their way of saying hello. When they are really happy their bodies will seem to vibrate and wiggle all over. They can barely contain themselves. This is when you know you have a dog that is totally bonded to you.

The Submissive Dog

This is totally opposite the happy dog. While the submissive dog will roll over and allow you to rub their belly and play with them, they really are hoping that you will be friendly with them. It is also a sign that they are humbling themselves to you. If their tales are tucked between their legs then they are in the mix of anxious and humble. If their tail is wagging slightly, they are open to play but they are still wary, which also goes along with the submissive dog. These dogs often end up this way from constant abuse or being mistreated for no reason. They have learned to accept their environment and have adapted to it. It really is a sad sight because their spirits have been totally broken. However, nurtured in the right environment, they can have just as happy of a life as the next dog can.

Other Signs to be Aware of with Dogs

Of course there are aggressive dogs, and one of the major signs of this is when they have a very stiff stance and the hair on their back is raised. Most dogs get like this when they feel there is a threat, or they don’t feel comfortable around other dogs are people. Any dog can become aggressive given the right circumstances, but depending on the breed of the dog, some will stand and fight while others will cower and allow themselves to be backed in a corner.

Just as with aggressive dogs, you have the Alpha dog, which is the leader of the pack. This speaks for itself as this dog dominates others. Most will back down from the alpha, and you’ve probably heard the stories that the human owner has to represent themselves as the Alpha of the pack to gain obedience from their dog or dogs. Believe it or not, taking this position really works, and once your dog recognizes you as the Alpha, you will have total submission from them.



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