The Importance of Feline Nutrition

Feline nutrition is just as essential to health as it is when compared to dogs and their nutritional requirements, or any other animal for that matter. The food that you feed your cat can make all the difference in it’s health. For instance, there are some foods that will guarantee your feline will not have a problem with hairballs, and yes, cat’s do cough up hairballs quite often. If you purchase the cat foods that clearly state they have ingredients that help with this kind of issue, then you will be good to go. In Dubai, there are a number of different products that you can purchase for your cat, some of these are directly through your veterinarians office, while some of them can be directly ordered through some of the various pet websites you’ll find through searches in Dubai. There are many feline centers that cater to the needs of cats, and cat owners in this city, because many families do have cats as pets.

British Veterinarian Center in Dubai

One of the central veterinarian clinics in Dubai, which is good for all animals, no matter what type you might have is the British Center in Dubai. They work with cats and dogs quite a bit, but with the idea of cats in general, they can advise you on the various brands of cat foods that are out there, and which ones will work best for your individual cats needs. Since there are so many, it will make it easier for you to choose from the selection, with a veterinarians voice thrown in the mix. Now, your veterinarian might advise you to not purchase the cat-foods that you can buy at many different shopping centers there in Dubai. If you have a cat that has an illness such as diabetes, due to obesity or other metabolic issues, then there might be a recommendation to use only cat food that comes from the veterinarians office itself. However, this can be costly, so you might want to look around for better deals that will meet the same benefits as those ones in the office of a veterinarian. They are available.

Nutrition for Obese Cats

Just as there are various dietary exchanges for humans that might be obese, there are for cats as well. Sometimes the gross fat in some of these cat-foods is just way to high, so those would not be good to feed a cat that is already severely obese, and yes cats can get huge. Their metabolic functioning is not so different from humans. If they eat too much, they can gain excess weight just like we can. For example, some cats are more sedentary than others, again, just like humans. So, you want to find a cat-food that is low in crude fat, but packed full of nutritious supplements and vitamins. You also want to get a cat-food that is going to provide good coat health for your cat, and good dental health as well. Sometimes, for obese cats, and for the ones that might suffer with diabetes, they have a lot of trouble with their teeth. This is something you’d want to talk to your veterinarian about, because you might want to quit purchasing the treats for cat, such as the cans of soft food, or the little treats that come in the Ziploc style bags.

Tooth Health and Cats

One product that many veterinarians recommend to many cat owners to promote excellent tooth health and proper nutrition are the little chewable greenies that you can get for them. Greenies clean the cats teeth, just as they work well for dogs, and they also supply them with some of the essential vitamins and minerals that keep teeth healthy, and which fight off issues of gingivitis, and early tooth decay, or plaque build up for another one. A cats teeth, and gums can get inflamed and irritated, just as a humans can from lack of proper nutrition, or lack of proper medical care as well. Also, as this literature mentioned, some diseases that they can get, such as diabetes, can cause problems with their gums and teeth. This is why it is so important to talk to the veterinarian and make sure you are feeding your cat a well balanced, nutritional mix of food. Sometimes there might be necessary vitamin supplements that they need to take too.

So, with feline nutrition, and meeting those needs, there are a lot of issues that come into play. This literature does not mind repeating the importance of speaking with your veterinarian about any health issues you might feel are associated with improper nutrition for your cat. They can often nip health problems in the bud with the proper food stuffs provided. Just remember one important thing, never, ever give your cat table scraps. If you’re worried about obesity and diabetes, this is one of the worst things you could do!

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