The Proper Way of Caring for Your Pet Hamster

Hamster care is centered on the basic standards of care everywhere in the world for smaller pets. There are a huge amount of hamsters that a person can choose from, and in Dubai, there are a lot of hamsters for sell at local pet stores. The hamster is one of the most favored pets of small children, but they do require necessary care just like any other larger animal does, in fact, maybe just a tiny bit more. Hamsters have to have a clean living environment, and so you can’t just set up a cage for them, put some bedding and food in, and place a water bottle, then think that everything is A ok, because it isn’t. The bedding of a hamster has to be changed pretty regularly, or it will begin getting a foul odor. If you let your pet hamster sit and sleep, and eat from dirty bedding, then they could get very ill, just as any other animal can. Sometimes they develop what is called “sticky eye” and this occurs from lack of cleaning properly. Sometimes it takes place due to bacterial germs getting into their environment as well, thus the importance of keeping everything clean and sanitary.

While hamsters living in a closed in environment, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like to be taken from their cage and allowed to play, and there are many different little toys, and rolling balls and such that you can purchase for them to get better quality exercise. Hamsters can get obese just like any other animal can, so they need to have a chance to burn some excess calories that they’ve been hoarding, and yes, hamsters are bad to hoard food, so this is something else you have to watch out for in the proper caring and handling of them.
What to Feed Your Hamster

Hamster’s love raw roughage. However, your veterinarian that cares for small animals such as this has probably warned you on feeding items like roughage in excess to the hamster. While it is very nutritious and beneficial to your hamster, it should never be given as a substitute to the quality of the hamster food that they are suppose to be eating. Hamsters who take in too much lettuce, carrots, kale, cucumber, etc; anything that is in the roughage family can get sick and die. Often they will get severe bouts of diarhhea if they are fed these human substances on a continual basis. If a case of diarrhea becomes severe enough, your hamster can dehydrate, not matter how often you see them drinking the water, it won’t compensate for the malfunction. So, you need to be very careful with this type of food source. A couple times a week of a few pieces is fine, but everyday on a consistent basis can be deadly for your little hamster.

Now, things that are really nourishing and which would not cause any digestive issues for your hamster are sunflower seeds. These are excellent in amino acids, and in protein. They are good for you hamsters eye health, his overall coat, and his claw growth. They love these little things, and often when you buy the higher quality bags of hamster food, you’ll see that they are loaded with sunflower seeds in them. Hamsters can break these shells open with ease, and they do like to hoard the seeds in their bedding.

Veterinarian Care for Your Hamster

There are striking differences between purchasing a hamster as a pet, and having a cat or a dog. For instance, while cats and dogs have to go to the vet regularly for check-ups and shots, hamsters never have to have anything like this. Now, they do require medical care if they get sick, but other than that, there isn’t that huge veterinarian bill from annual vaccinations and check-ups like there is with cats and dogs. This is often what draws people into buying hamsters as pets for their children. The costs associated are cheaper, and they are believed to be easier to manage in the long run, especially since the average life span of a hamster is no where as long as that of a cat, dog, or a bird.

The main point with hamsters and their care that this literature is trying to express is the fact that while they seem little and convenient, they can still cost money, and there are expenses that are associated with them just as with any other animal. You want to make sure you keep them as healthy as your bigger pets that you might have in your home.

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