Vaccinations for Your Pet

If you want to maintain the health of your pet, then you need to consider what types of shots are necessary to protect their health year after year. This is about the same for a cat or a dog, with a slight difference in a couple of injections that a feline gets, and which a dog doesn’t. But the same holds true for the dog. They get an extra shot that the feline doesn’t get. In the end, it all evens out to about the same amount of times being stuck by the veterinarian, all for a good cause though.

Vaccinations for Felines

here is one vaccination that cats get which is crucial for their continuing good health and this is the feline leukemia shot. Before there was a vaccination for this illness, many cats died from it. The disease is very similar to leukemia in humans, and most pet owners put their cat down if they are diagnosed with something like this. However, the vaccination is a wonderful tool, because if you bring your cat in every year for this shot they will be protected. Feline leukemia can be passed to kittens, if they mother cat gave birth to them while she had the illness. This disease can also be passed through their saliva too, so eating and drinking after one another could spread such a contagion very quickly.

Another shot that they get, which dogs don’t is for Feline Aids. This is spread through mating, blood from bite wounds—such as fights with other cats who are infected, and a slight possibility of through the saliva as well. There is no cure for this malady, but a veterinarian works hard to keep the symptoms at bay while the cat still is alive. The shot itself will protect them from contracting this terrible disease. The also get the rabies, and of course the feline distemper shot.

Another illness which is pretty harsh among felines, and of which they should be vaccinated for as soon as possible is the Rhinotracheitis. This is like a severe case of the flu, again, very similar to the flu that people get. Veterinarians often see acute cases of it in cats that have never been vaccinated for it, and it really is a sad thing, because the illness could have been avoided altogether with one simple shot.

Vaccinations for Dogs

Dogs get the vaccination for what is known as kennel cough, and this too is actually the flu in dog disguise. They get just as sick as a human does, and so does a cat, so the only difference is in the fact that they are an animal. Kennel cough can kill dogs if it gets bad enough, so the best thing you can do for your puppy or dog is to make sure that you take him or her every year for this annual vaccine. Now, some areas require that you have this every 6 months if you bring your dog to a play camp center or you board them quite a bit. This is because they are more susceptible to catching this disease if they are in a large boarding area around other dogs.

The rabies vaccine is crucial for both dogs and cats, if this wasn’t already mentioned. Before this vaccination was invented, there was very little known about this illness, which makes it very sad because many animals were put down do to it. However, once an animal contracts rabies, there is no cure for this malady. This is why it is so very, very important to make sure that you take both your cat and dog to the veterinarian every single year for this shot in particular. It could be the answer between a long life and a very short one.

One disease that many people have probably never heard of before among dogs is the Leptospirosis. This is a terrible illness,and thank goodness there are no vaccinations for this ailment, as dogs who do contract it suffer terribly without proper veterinarian care. This causes severe problems with a dogs liver,kidneys, and their reproductive systems. It starts off as a bacteria and simply spreads. The most common way they contract it is through contaminated water sources. This is also contagious, and can be transmitted from dog to dog. However, the vaccine will safeguard your dog.

The introduction of vaccinations for animals was a godsend, as it was found to remove many terrible diseases that took the lives of many a beloved pet years ago. Nowadays, it is just a matter of getting the literature out there to pet owners, so that they are aware of the different treatments that their animals can receive, and the various vaccinations that can keep them healthy year after year.

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