What to Consider When Purchasing a Dog

In the United Arab Emirates there are tons of places where you can go and purchase a dog. Even if you adopt at the local humane center, you still have to pay a fee for the dogs’ tags and vaccinations, etc. You also need to take into consideration where you’re going to be keeping your dog. Is it going to be an inside pet or an outside pet? There are various rules and guidelines you have to follow in Dubai if you have a pet that lives outdoors. Some people assume that a dog is just a dog, despite what breed it is, where it has come from, what it looks like, etc. That is the wrong view to take. Each and every dog has their own specific personality traits, and it really doesn’t matter what breed they are. Their personalities are always going to shine through over the breeding.

Furthermore, when you’re buying a dog, you need to remember that this is really a long-term commitment on your part because dogs normally average to live around 15 years, with many of them living longer than this if they are well cared for. You should never make an abrupt decision when you’re buying any kind of a pet. That is one of the most fatal of mistakes that many families with young children make. Many people don’t take the time to learn enough about the dog, and then they want to just get rid of it when it turns out to be a nuisance. This is wrong. The dog is your responsibility, as you are the owner. The advice that can be given is to know what it is you’re wanting and what you expect beforehand. Always get the type of dog that appears to suit you and your family the best, despite whether or not it is pure or just your simple run-of-the-mill mutt.

How Much Room and How Much Time do you have

These are also very important questions to ask yourself, whether or not you live in the United Arab Emirates or not. If you live in an apartment in Dubai, many of these are multi-level, so would it really be ideal to have a dog? You need to think about things like this. Also, noises travel pretty easily, so in an apartment complex a dog that barks a lot could turn into a real problem. Therefore, apartment dwellers in Dubai in particular need to second guess themselves before they ever purchase a dog; that is unless, they live on the bottom unit and have easy access to the outdoors. Also, always make sure that your rental agreement allows you to have a pet, if you do rent. If you own your own place, make sure that your neighbors don’t have a neighborhood authority that prevents against dog ownership. Some neighborhoods do because there are too many cases of pet owner negligence and children getting bitten by dogs.

Your pooch wants to spend time with you and some breeds have high demands on their owners. There are many small breeds that actually crave human companionship almost all the time. The Shiatsu is one of these breeds. They can actually become very stressed if they are left alone for hours on end. So, this is something you definitely want to consider. How much time can you actually devote to the love and care of your four legged friend? When you take the time to really think about these things there are a lot of questions that will emerge. For instance, what is your main reasoning in behind buying a pup to begin with? Some of these points are probably already embedded in the minds of many dog lovers, but it never hurts to rehash them, just to bring a stronger awareness to the general public.

Dog Owner Responsibility

When you have a dog it becomes your responsibility. It’s well-being, behavior, all of that falls back on you. This is one of the reasons that Dubai in particular has many leash laws. There are specific areas the people can’t even go with their dog if they aren’t well behaved. So, we go back again to the reasoning in behind buying the dog. Many people purchase a pup for their children, others for companionship. If you are one of the latter then you really need to be careful in the top of dog you choose. Elderly people are looking for a lap dog, while children want a dog to run and play with. If you end up with a dog that behaves in ways you didn’t want, it is still your responsibility to manage it and do what it takes to get it to obey. Dogs aren’t unlike people, they take commitment, love, and nourishing to have an excellent relationship, so make the right decisions and do the right things.


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